• KR650*900 Drying Rack

    KR650*900 Drying Rack


    The drying rack is a auxiliary equipments,you can put t-shirts,film,screen plate.etc on it to dry in nature,it is very convinient and save space.

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  • KRS-25 manual screen stretcher

    KRS-25 manual screen stretcher


    easy disassembly,freely assembled and installed according to the mesh frame size when stretching,quickly and conveniently.

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  • KRQ-25 pneumatic screen stretcher

    KRQ-25 pneumatic screen stretcher


    this product is small,simple operation,stretching uniform tension,stretching area can be randommixed,save time and effort,saving mesh,it can be stacked together to save space when not in use.

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  • KRB1080 manual screen stretching machine
  • KRBH120/150 Mechanical stretching machine
  • Screen printing mesh
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