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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine KR3015L

Products introduce:

The main engine part consists of the bed, the moving part, the electrical control part, the auxiliary part.The control system operates the three-axis movement part to drive the cutting head to achieve stability, precision and high-speed motion.The X and Y axis adopt the precision linear guide of the original import. The worktable adopts the overall welding of the square pipe, and the stress treatment of the annealing can be reduced to 500KG.It is equipped with a universal ball bearing, and is equipped with a clamping device with a complete enclosed dust proof device. The precision positioning parts, such as photoelectric sensors, are used to effectively guarantee the transmission accuracy.

Products features:

1. The machine adopts the dynamic gantry structure, imported high precision rack and linear guide rail, the transmission is stable and the precision is high.

2. Lathe bed and beams, the workbench adopt overall welding structure, to stress annealing after precision machining, and then vibration aging treatment, can completely eliminate the welding stress and processing, high strength, high precision, can keep the 20 years of normal use of deformation.

3. The X, Y and Z axis are imported servo motors in Japan with high accuracy, high speed, high torque, large inertia and stable performance.The high speed and speed of the machine are guaranteed.

4. Based on the Windows operating system, the special numerical control system of the Shanghai bochu optical fiber laser cutting machine is adopted, which integrates the special function module of laser cutting control, which is powerful, the man-machine interface is good, and the operation is simple.

5. The laser produces no gas and can be used to cut thin plates with air.

Machine Parameters:



Medium of laser

Semiconductor pumping continuous ytterbium doped fiber

Effective processing wide


Maximum cutting thickness


Positioning accuracy

+ - 0.05mm

Max Air Line Speed


Minimum line width


The output power


The laser wavelength


The input power



Suitable for materials and Applications

For carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized sheet, alloy steel, silicon steel, spring steel, galvanized sheet, acid wash plate, copper, aluminum and other metal sheet metal cutting.

Application industry: metal cutting, electric switch manufacturing, elevator manufacturing, household electrical appliances manufacturing, kitchenware manufacturing, tool processing, and other mechanical manufacturing industries.

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